About Hoang Long Phat

Hoang Long Phat is a company specializing in the production and printing of packaging products: 03, 05 and 07 layers of paper sheets of all kinds, high quality printing cartons…

In order to meet the increasing requirements of the market, the company invests in modern machinery and equipment system, improves the production technology process and selects high quality raw materials to create environmentally friendly products; towards sustainable development.
Deserves to be the leading supplier for many partners, affirming its position in the packaging industry.

Why choose Us ?

High-standard machinery

The factory system is modernly invested, the warehouse for semi-finished products and finished products has a large area, meeting the storage requirements, help save space & storage costs of customers when needed.

Competitive price

Competitive and reasonable product prices, always putting the interests of customers first.

Location convenient traffic

The factory is located in a location with convenient traffic, helping the delivery time to become fast and on schedule as committed to customers.

On time delivery

Modern, high-standard machinery and equipment lines, helping to optimize product quality. Hoang Long Phat has the ability to meet large orders with fast production and delivery schedule, but is still committed to ensuring quality and product design.



Hoang Long Phat has always been mindful of affirming its position as the leading professional and reliable supplier in Vietnam of optimal carton packaging solutions for many large-scale domestic and foreign manufacturing companies.

Become a reliable companion of all businesses and customers on the way to building and developing brands.

Hoang Long Phat with the ambition to contribute to promote the position of the domestic carton packaging industry to the international arena.


Hoang Long Phat always wants to bring to customers the most effective and practical carton packaging solutions. Helps to save maximum packing time and material costs; shipping costs and time, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and trust.

Creating a friendly and professional working environment for employees, promoting their capacity as well as mastering technology in the field of carton packaging production and printing.

Ensure safety standards in production, respect and protect people’s health as well as the ecological environment.
It is also the driving force for the sustainable development and prosperity of our entire economy.

News & Events

Hoàng Long Phát
HACCP standards and application in product safety packaging

HACCP là một trong những tiêu chuẩn đó việc áp dụng mang lại nhiều lợi ích thiết thực cho doanh nghiệp và người tiêu dùng.

Hoàng Long Phát
Extend color recovery range by limiting ink

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